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Jouef model railways HO scale - model railways HO scale,
- modèles réduits de chemins de fer to l'échelle HO,
- modell-eisenbahnen HO,

Dear collectors, enthusiasts and information seekers,

I have collected Jouef model trains for many years. I hope that these pages will make it possible to establish contacts with other Jouef enthusiasts, using the marvellous tool of the Internet to improve their knowledge of the subject and extend their own collection.

The main objective of this website is to give descriptions of the model locomotives, coaches and wagons produced by the Jouef company over more than forty years. This website is also here so that you can leave a message if you cannot find a particular model or if you may discover an error, therefore creating a true encyclopaedia of the Jouef brand.

This work has been made possible with the assistance of many Jouef enthusiasts who have contributed their information / pictures. To them I offer my grateful acknowledgement.

I chose on this site not to give any market value of the models, whether they be locomotives, coaches, wagons or accessories. A quoted value could only possibly be given for a large collection. Sellers of course quite naturally will choose high values in turn leading to increased prices. The value of a model should be negotiated at the time of sale, according to location, condition, whether it has the original box or not and if the buyer is really interested in the purchase. The final value can obviously fluctuate widely.

All the models shown on the site appear from many private collections and are not for sale.

The author of this website has no business connection with the Jouef company, its successors or agents.

Enjoy your visit.