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A recurent problem with electric trains, you may unintentionaly lost or brake some thin detail parts when you handle your scale model. Sometime, you need to replace some parts (rubber belts...) and then it is a long way to find the right spare part number to order. The documentation included in the box is an user's guide for mounting the detail parts but the part number is not always given. For more details on available services sheets, see following links depending on trade mark and manufacturing.

Spare parts

Les trains électriques Jouef - Jouef Champagnole spare parts,
- renovation with Hornby-Jouef spare parts,
- Hornby-Jouef spare parts,

Jouef Champagnole spare parts

For older Jouef locomotives, there are no guaranteed that genuine spare parts are still available on retaillers. Except for some wear parts, you may cannibalize some poor condition scale models to get some original spare parts. For some wear parts (rubber bands, driving belts...), it is possible to use some Hornby-Jouef spare parts to fit them on oldest Jouef Champagnole scale models.

Renovation with Hornby-Jouef spare parts

For the lastest Jouef Champagnole scale models made in France like Diesel locomotives BB 66000/66400 or CC 72000 SNCF, electric locomotives CC 6500, CC 21000, BB 26000 or BB 36000 SNCF, steam locomotives 2-8-2 P SNCF, it is possible to used some Hornby-Jouef spare parts in order to fit them on these older Jouef scale models (production Champagnole) within the limits that no huge technical enhancements have not be done.

An update of the driving system/electric motor and/or lighting for older Jouef scale models (production Champagnole) may be done when you used spare parts dedicated for Jouef Junior scale models like railcar X 3800 SNCF Picasso, diesel shunter C 61000 SNCF or Diesel locomotive BB 67400 SNCF.
For more information on possible renovation and mounting Hornby-Jouef spare parts for older Jouef scale models (production Champagnole), see the renovation dedicated page.

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Hornby-Jouef spare parts

For recent models sold by Hornby France since 2005, Service sheets are available for each model and they can be downloaded from this site with kind permission form Hornby France.
Hornby spare parts can be ordered to Hornby official retaillers who sell Hornby products (Jouef, Rivarossi, Electrotren, Lima, Arnold...).

Hornby-Jouef spare parts availability

Spare part availability is given for information purpose only, without any guarantee.

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