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Production Jouef Champagnole (until 2000)

Jouef model railways - railway buildings,
- accessories,
- spare parts,
- agricultural and road vehicles,

Jouef quickly became interested in building railways and decorative accessories as soon as the issue of the first electric model trains, for recreating railway realistic environments.

- railway buildings

Issued in 1956, the "Maintenon" railway station is plastic made and it can be dismantled. It consist of a a central building and two wings buildings. A clever device lets you control the lighting by moving one of the benches in front of the building. The scale reproduction is 1 / 87th. Platforms are also available. A loading platform and a freight station complete the railway building series in 1957. All these buildings will have great longevity, they were always present in the catalogue until 1996, except the loading platform and a freight station stopping their careers around 1980. More details on the railways building range are available in the dedicated page Jouef railway buildings.

- accessories

Jouef manufactured realistic accessories to accompany model trains layout, although some accessories have a strong toylike style as to the tunnel for example. In an other hand, Jouef was the only manufacturer to offer HO scale telegraph poles that were common at those time along the railway lines. For the manual level crossing released in 1959, the movement barriers is controlled by the movement of the milestone near the gates. More details on the accessories range are available in the dedicated page Jouef railway accessories.

- spare parts

From 1974, some complementary parts for rolling stock such as axles or interior fittings were proposed. All the accessories and parts range after 1974 are included in the page Jouef spare parts.

- agricultural and road vehicles

To bring the passengers and to give life to the Maintenon station courtyard, Jouef has made some road vehicles and a service station. If the Chausson bus has an interior arrangement, its career was short-lived, in the opposite of the simplified vehicles. Those vehicles are made with a plastic body gluedto a plastic frame. More details of road vehicles range are included in the page Jouef road vehicles. Having in mind the agricultural France and other mechanical toys, Jouef also reproduced a simplified Farmall tractor that will accompany for many years the dropside wagon SNCF type TP. Jouef had also reproduced some road trailers for the French rail-road system "Kangaroo".

- layout elements

In order to complete the building kits range, Jouef also put on the markets some layout elements for scenery.