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Jouef road vehicles

To have loads for the different car transporter, Jouef manufactured some road vehicle models in HO scale. For the different issues of vehicles, there are many variations, both in body colour, or markings under the frame or in the wheel color. We can identify three different series whose specifications are listed below

Road vehicles 1st serie

Jouef road vehicles 1<sup>st</sup> issue - road vehicles 1st issue, variant of origin with unmodified frame and bumpers,

Contemporary of the bogie car transporter SNCF STVA (ref. 654) issued in 1958, six road vehicles are reproduced in a very simplified way (Citroën DS 19, Panhard Dyna, Peugeot 203, Peugeot 403, Simca Ariane, Simca Aronde). They are all made of a plastic body tinted in the mass of several different colors, a grey plastic frame and plastic functional wheels. The headlights and rear lights are a touch of paint.The body is glued to the frame and there are no windows. The fully functional wheels are in white plastic. The rims are red painted, thus replicating the white tire sidewalls which was very fashionable in those times. Markings under the frame are the reproduced model, the marking Made in France, twice the marking HO around the logo Jouef in a diamond in the original version. There are several variants of these models of the first series which differ by minor changes on the frame (markings and front bumper) :

More details of this range can be found in the page dedicated to road vehicles 1st serie.

road vehicles 2nd issue

Jouef road vehicles 2<sup>nd</sup> issue - road vehicles 2nd issue,

New models more contemporary (Aston Martin DB5, Citröen DS 21, Citröen ID 19 break, Citröen 2 CV, Mercédès 300 SL sedan, Renault 16, Simca 1500 and Volkswagen Beetle) are issued with the articulated car transporter SNCF STVA in 1967, according to the same standards. The functional wheels are only in red plastic, and there is no more paint for headlights and rear lights.
More details of this range can be found in the page dedicated to road vehicles 2nd issue

road vehicles 3rd issue

Jouef road vehicles 3<sup>rd</sup> issue - road vehicles 3rd issue,

From 1978, all previous manufactured vehicles have virtually disappeared from circulation, new cars are issued to reflect the number of cars on the roads (Austin Mini 850, BMW 2002, Citröen CX, Mercédès 240 D, Opel Manta, Peugeot 104, Peugeot 504, Renault 4, Renault 5, Renault 30, Simca 1100 and Volkswagen Golf). On this third issue of vehicles and in order to reduce production costs, wheels are fixed and solidarity with the black plastic frame. The car transporter SNCF type TP with Diamond bogies received these cars as loading until 1984/1985, the articulated car transporter SNCF STVA until 1978/1979, when its first eclipse.
More details of this range can be found in the page dedicated to road vehicles 3rd issue

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