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Tracteur reproduit à différentes échelles dont le 1/64th.

Farmall tractor (1/64th scale)

Jouef Farmall tractor - Farmall tractor,

In addition to the mechanical toys (planes, boats, trains), Jouef launched during 1950 a range of agricultural toys whose most famous representatives is the Farmall tractor with its accessories and which was reproduced in different scales. The model that interests us, is fully made plastic tinted in the mass. Its scale reproduction is 1/64th. It was distributed in bulk under the designation Agraire Baby in different colors (red, yellow, green ) with a trailer and a driver. There are also in the form of box Tractor Baby with three trailers and a driver. To increase the dissemination of this tractor which was on a scale closed to the HO scale, Jouef used this tractor in its red livery as a load for the dropside wagon SNCF type TP (ref. 652/6520) for many years, between 1962 and 1986. There is also the tractor in yellow and green versions with a trailer in the Coupe SNCF set (ref. 669) issued between 1960 and 1965. This model has used as gift with a famous French brand of soap (BONUX), the mold has been altered to take this opportunity to allow the inscription BONUX on the right side of the engine. Thereafter, this marking has been cleared leaving a flat recognizable by its location.

Jouef Farmall tractor (1/64th)
nopictAgraire BabyFarmall tractor (red) (green) (yellow)
with trailer and driver, in bulk.
1950 ... 1960???
Jouef ref. 204 Tracteur BabyTracteur BabyFarmall tractor (red) (green) (yellow)
with 3 trailers and driver, in box.
1950 ... 1960???
Tracteur Baby
Farmall tractor red
with 2 trailers and driver, in box.
??? ... cat. 1971-1972.
Jouef Farmall tractor red???Farmall tractor red,
load of bogie dropside wagon SNCF TP (ref. 652/6520).
1962 ... 1986.
Jouef Farmall tractor green ???Farmall tractor (green) (yellow) with one trailer,
load of bogie dropside wagon SNCF TP included in Coupe S.N.C.F. train set (ref. 669).
1960 ... 1962.

Bonux Farmall tractor (1/64th)
nopict???Farmall tractor (red) (green) (yellow)
embossed characters BONUXon engine right side.
1960-1970 ???

Jouef has also manufactured the Farmall tractor at different scale reduction (1/16th and 1/32th). Read more...

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