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Club Jouef

It is a high end range including finely executed SNCF steam locomotives models, built from regular Jouef range models with additional details parts, or for some of them, built from regular Liliput or Rivarossi range models during the period of time when Jouef was also acting as importating firm for France. Marketing of those models was done by a subsidiary compagny (EXCLUSIVE SARL), directly to the railway enthusiasts, and after, throught some retaillers for the last marketed models. The first model of this range was the steam locomotive 4-6-4 U 1 SNCF, issued in 1989/1990. This model is shown on the 1989 Jouef catalogue (see page 4).
Others models were issued until 1995, with a rate of 2 models by year. All these models were sold by subscription, by 3 or 4 monthly payments, the price range was between 900 and 1250 francs (around 137 to 180 euros). Production was a limited issue between 1000 and 2000 units built, with a limited certificate number. Each model came with a plexiglas display tube unit, a wood plinth with track section and a plate.

Club Jouef steam locomotives

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