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Jouef ref. 8864 electric locomotive BB 139 562-3 DB - electric locomotive BB 139 562-3 DB (ref. 8864),

Electric locomotives BB 139 DB
nopict8864electric locomotive BB 140 202-3 DB, vert/grey(1).issued in ???
announced in novelt. 1977.
Jouef ref. 8864 electric locomotive BB 139 562-3 DB8864electric locomotive BB 139 562-3 DB, blue 1978-1979.

(1): In the Novelties 1977 folder, the electric locomotive 140 202-3 DB is shown with a green and grey livery. Is it an color printing error? The three german locomotives had a different livery during production.

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To launch the Jouef brand on the German market, the decision was done to produce electric locomotives E.110/139/140/182 DB scale models. The electric locomotives E.182 DB was also visible in France. The electric locomotive E.140 DB was discarded as it was already reproduced by many others models train makers. The bogies are identical for the three series, the locomotives E.110/139 DB shared the same body. To compensate the mechanics weakness of the Jouef model, many German railway enthusiasts changed it with a Märklin or Roco mechanics.

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