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Jouef HO scale model trains - European railways locomotives DB, SNCB NMBS, RENFE, BR, CFL, NS, CP, CFF FFS SBB,
- North-African locomotives SNCFA, ONCF,

All the europeans locomotives included in the Jouef regular range are listed. Note also that North african locomotives are listed but production of these models is unsure (perhaps only prototypes are available).

European railways locomotives and North-African locomotives

Algerian locomotives

Belgian locomotives

British locomotives

Dutch locomotives

German locomotives

Greek locomotives

Locomotives of Luxembourg

Marocco locomotives

Portuguese locomotives

Spanish locomotives

Swiss locomotives


Hornby-Jouef HO scale model trains - European railways locomotives DB, CFL,

All the foreign versions of French locomotives, and included in the Hornby International regular range (Jouef, Lima, Rivarossi, and Electrotren), are listed.

European railways locomotives

German locomotives

Locomotives of Luxembourg