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Selection of some websites (most of them in French language) related to railways or model railroad in general. Links are given as they are, website content can change without notice. Since end of 2004, all information about Jouef current production is available on the Hornby official website <>. About Jouef, distributed in UK under the brand Playcraft, see Dave COXON website <>,
Jouef tank locomotive 0-4-0 T 708 website dedicated website to the famous tank locomotive 0-4-0 T 708, all you want to know about this famous locomotive manufactured by Jouef <>,
nopict Have a look on the F. DELAITRE website about Jouef (narrow gauge)/Egger-Bahn, <>, <> is a French website with many information related to railways and model railroad, including a how-to-build a model raiload, a press review,.
Mandatory to visit it. <> is a French portal with many links to railways and model railroad, with a railway events calendar.
directory ferroviaire <> is a railway directory which has the goal to record all the French language websites related to railway in general.
vie du rail <> website of the French railroad magazines "La vie du rail" and "Rail Passion",
the SNCF Society <> website from the british group of French railways enthusiasts, with publication of the Bulletin of "SNCF Society",
<> website which shows old French model trains in HO scale and produced in a time period when plastic was not used in place of zamac, brass, bronze, white metal even cardboard by model railroad enthusiasts.
<> website written by a Jouef collector and dedicated to curiosities, beautiful train sets and toys. A real Jouef museum.
Irish Jouef website dedicated to Jouef rolling stock produced in Ireland under the brand Jouef HDI, <>,
logo <> is a small compagny who made new spare parts in resin dedicated for model trains which the after sales service is not still available. They produce buffers and couplings for old Jouef models.
logo <> website to discover, you will see a lot of Jouef rolling stock,
logo <> website written by a Jouef enthusiast and dedicated to his own trainset collection including some unusual Jouef and Playcraft trainsets.

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