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31/12/2017added pictures jf833, jf651500, jf824100.
added train sets jf426, jf804, Mecanic Automatic Train, Triage Express.
29/12/2017added pictures train set stabo11001.
26/12/2017minor corrections.
02/12/2017added pictures train set jf553, locomotive BB 9004 jf537vf.
02/11/2017added pictures 141 TA hj2299, hj2301, hj2303, hj2305, hj2307.
06/06/2017added pictures train sets voyageur, jf413.
05/06/2017added pictures jf5336, jf8291. minor corrections.
25/02/2017minor corrections.
20/02/2017statistics 2016 page added.
10/01/2017minor corrections.

website history (previous years)

For previous years, the website was available only in French language, so the history listed below was written in French language only.