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Information contained in these pages is given as an indication. They are a compilation of various sources, like old Jouef catalogues and price lists, and railway model magazines. Your attention, this site can comprise errors or omissions and information are likely to be modified constantly.
The models shown on this site are not for sale.


First thanks go to my wife who allowed me to spend many hours to build this website.
Sincere thanks to the following people for the use of their brand and/or logo:

I cannot forget also the following people for their help and collaboration:


To my knowledge, there was no specific book on Jouef model trains history when I started working on this website. My work was depended on the reading of the French popular railroad magazines of the 1980-2000 time period, like "Le Train", "Loco Revue" , "Rail Flash Magazine", "Rail Passion", and "Voies Ferrées".
The reading of the following document list (most of them are in French language) helps me also:

During 1st 2005 quarter, a new book L'intégrale Jouef written by Clive LAMMING, was issued by Éditions Loco-Revue.This book is only dedicated to the Jouef model trains. A new batch (with green front cover) is issued in November 2007 with some errors corrected.

Jouef, la passion des jouets by T. DELCOURT, D. BONNET, P. BROGUIERE and C. FAUSSER, Ed. ETAI, is a book which describes all the goods manufactured by Jouef, from the penny toys after the 2nd World War, to the last model trains, without forgetting boats, racing circuits, unrecognised and special train models.

Press review

The French magazine Collectionneur and Chineur (issue 36, april 18th,2008) has several pages dedicated to the Jouef trains sets produced between 1949 and 1961, with a lot of pictures.

Celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the Jouef compagny in 2014 was the opportinity of many articles in different magazines:

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