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Fobbi, was a brand created by Jacques Barret in 1980. The production was basic range rolling stock with a toy look oriented, meanwhile Jouef and Lima were oriented to more demanding model railway people. At the beginning, the range comprised a diesel locomotive BoBo 67007, short length passenger coaches Corail and some freight wagons (covered and flat wagons). The range was extended with a TGV with the same driving bogie as used for the diesel locomotive BoBo 67007, then an electric locomotive BoBo 22200. Train sets were sold in supermarkets during Chritsmas period. When the CEJI group collapsed in 1985, the activity part dedicated to railways models was bought by Jacques BARRET. He made the choice to locate the tool production nearby Champagnole and to launch the new compagny Jouef Industries. Basic range train sets under the brand Jouef par Fobbi were produced by this compagny until 1990.
Only one driving bogie model is used for all the FOBBI locomotives range. The electric motor drives an endless screw and gears made in brass which is a material not often used for such low cost range.

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