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Jouef plastic track section - curved plastic track sections

This economic range of track is made with the two plastic rail profiles moulded together with the sleepers. Rail profil is 2.7 mm height, this allows to accept any HO scale rolling stock. Sleeper screws are not present. This range is composed of only one radius curved track. Under sleepers, the following markings Made in France, Jouef, for Playcraft, PATENT, reference number, and radius in millimiters and inches for curved track are visible. This track is only present in the clockwork trainsets.

Plastic track section range
Jouef curved plastic track section???curved plastic track section, 1/8 circle, R = 325 mm1973-1974: train set Baby Trafic ref. 540,
1974: train set Junior ref. 7200,
1976: coffrets Junior ref. 7201, Super Junior ref. 7206,
1978-1979: train sets ref. 7202, 7212, 7222,
1980-1981: train sets ref. 7213.

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