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During the half-century which has been just passed, Jouef manufactured various types of tracks according to times. We will retain three types of tracks whose characteristics are detailed.

Tin plate track sections

Appeared about 1952, at the same time as the first mechanical locomotive Diabolic which became later the presidential Pacific, the track is made entirely in metal. It is a pressed lithographed sheet metal tracks whose sleepers are represented in black, the ballast has an orange colour in its first version. Two years after, the ballast clearly takes a color gray nearer to be more realistic. This kind of track is used for clockwork trains only and remains with the Jouef price list until April 1960.
For more details on this range of tracks, see also: tin plate track sections range.

Track sections with ballast

After the clockwork trains, Jouef launches out on the market of the model trains about 1955. The choice of the feeding system carries on a two rail D.C. current supply low tension. The tin plate track system cannot be used any more and it is replaced by a new system of track: two brass rails fixed on a bed of plastic ballast. This type of track is compatible with clockwork trains. This track range disappeared in 1961, replaced by the New rails track range.
For more details on this range of tracks, see also : track sections range with ballast.

New rails track sections

In order to be more realistic, a new range of cheap tracks and good quality appeared in 1960: the standard New rails track sections range. There is no more ballast and there are two brass rails shaped which are fixed on black plastic sleepers.
For more details on this range of track, see also : New rails track section range.

Plastic track sections

Last kind of track sections, the track section is fully black plastic moulded. These track sections, very cheap to made, were included in the last clockwork trainsets produced by Jouef.
For more details on this range of tracks, see also : plastic track sections.

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Lima-Rivarossi HO scale model trains - track sections,

track sections

We can find the J & L track sections range with the last nickel silver Jouef designed track sections in the Lima and Rivarossi catalogues .

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Hornby-Jouef HO scale model trains - track sections,

track sections

We can find the track sections range manufactured by Hornby UK. See the Pdf file related to the Hornby UK range.

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