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Jouef was quickly interested in the accessories and the buildings kits as soon as the issue of its model trains, allowing to make as possible realistic railway layouts.

Pola Quick building construction kits

In order to grow up its building kits range which includes mainly only stations, Jouef added in its catalogue of the models manufactured by Pola in 1965. Because of their German look, they quickly leaved their place with models more representative of the French countryside. More details of this range can be found in the Pola Quick kits page.

André Porte building construction kits

PIn order to have a typical French provinces look, Jouef buyed the moulds from André PORTE in 1967 and integrates them in its range. Good manufactoring models despite the used scale close to 1/100th, such as the Neuvy railway station or the chruch, they made a great career as they are found always present, even in catalogue Rivarossi 2004! More details of this range can be found in the A. Porte kits page.

Jouef building construction kits

From 1967, new building construction kits were introduced under the Jouef brand, and for many of them, we could recognise the same design and the details concern as we could find in the André Porte kits. Along years, the range was progressively extended to a better realism. More details of this range can be found in the page Jouef kits page.

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